by Alan Black



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CCCII continues where Cripple Crab Crutch left off.

A double-disc album of spoken word mashes.

26 tracks.

Source materials ranging from the paranormal, the historical, the literary, the scholarly, video games, film excerpts, strange old recordings, radio shows and podcasts, comedy, and the experimental.

  1. 1. Auctioning (Four Bits mix)

  2. 2. Neko C

  3. 3. Nemesis

  4. 4. Network (Everybody mix)

  5. 5. Cave Johnson (Hustle mix)

  6. 6. Isabella Rossellini (Sexx mix)

  7. 7. Sexual Positions

  8. 8. The Cellist

  9. 9. Superego

10. PFT, Hit on the Head with a Brick

11. Soul Food Showdown

12. Hunter Gathers

13. Stewart Lee and Ang L

14. Eisenhower’s Farewell

15. The Cask of Amontillado

16. Six Feet Under

17. Shakespeare (Jenny’s Tits mix)

18. Annabelle on MIHH

19. Emily on MIHH

20. Annabel Lee (Cell mix)

21. Alone (Xenolinguistics mix)

22. Stewart Lee and Jesus C

23. Black Books

24. The Venture Brothers

  1. 25.The Wind in the Willows

                       (The Mist Covered mix)

26. You Lose