by Alan Black



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CCCIII continues where Cripple Crab Crutch and CCCII left off.

A double-disc album of spoken word mashes.

At least 30 tracks.

Source materials ranging from the paranormal, the historical, the literary, the scholarly, video games, film excerpts, strange old recordings, radio shows and podcasts, comedy, and the experimental.

1. Roswell

2. The Old Tape

3. Scholastic

4. Bigfoot

5. Elvis, Strung Out

6. Baleful

7. Downfall

8. Circular History

9. FDR Declares War

10. It’s Not

11. Now Fuckin’ Pay Me

12. Network (Gosh mix)

13. The Sacred

14. Mad Men

15. Auctioning (Travelling mix)

16. Isabella Rossellini (Screwed by a Bear mix)

17. Tom Dixon

18. A Girl Grows Up

19. Amy on MIHH

20. Annabel Lee (LA10 mix)

21. Alone (Snoke mix)

22. The Tell-Tale Heart

23. Cave Johnson (Beard Dirt mix)

24. Frank and Sadie Doyle

25. Jesus Pussy

26. Kyle Kinane

27. Auctioning (Bounce mix)

28. Monumental

29. A Christmas Carol

30. The Wind in the Willows

                      (Jigging for Warmth mix)

31. Shakespeare (Mabon mix)