by Alan Black


Some other scripts:


The crash of an airliner leads two investigators into a world of international conspiracy.


Alice will not see the web behind her world until it’s already too late.

Grope for Luna

The ones who want to exterminate all life on Earth are the good guys.

In the System

A man made schizophrenic by surviving a plane crash is a happier man?

Erasing the Stain

A cop, falsely accused, constructs a cat’s-cradle of revenge against the dirty cops and crime families that got him thrown off the police force.

Lazarus Only Once

James Lowell Miller will die only once but he’ll be held to task against his possible deaths.

The Blue Holy

A detective and a profiler pursue a killer and discover the existential reasons behind his murders.

With One Stone

A highly idiosyncratic investigator applies his skewed vision to a crime.

Dreamt of Alligators

Dreamt of Alligators is dead, and Jack is about to get to know her.

Meet Harry Drake

You have met Harry Drake and he is not the man you’ve met.

Also: excellent sequels to Into the White:

Redbriar and Black Egg and, last, The Rosetta

Also: sequels to established films:

Alien Extinction, a speculative fifth

and final film in the Alien series.

The Dracula After, a speculative sequel

to Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula: blood, sex,

power, psychoanalysis, and a bisexual female vampire.

Also: three films exploring threads

of anthropology and culture:

Ancients: One hundred years of brute power and

inexplicable magic in the rise and decline of a

strange, primeval culture.

Savages: A Kurtz-like figure delivers the seeds

of hell to a remote island tribe and an anthropologist

watches them come to fruition 300 years later.

Barbarians: A story of how the rising power of

politicians, organized religion, and the military

develops, coexists, and clashes in a society like

that of early Rome.