by Alan Black

A woman exacts revenge on the frontier Florida town that made her into a beast and a brigand.



Travellers and Tourists

Into the White (plus sequels Redbriar, Black Egg, and The Rosetta)

A darkly humorous tale of a modern girl coming of age and inheriting her family’s powers over death.

What’s coming next in evolution is coming from within Tilda Almroth.

After an accident, a man begins to see the visible effects of love and memory.

A Certain Death

A man repeatedly reliving the day of his death must find a way to die more completely.

Modernity, anxiety, sexual tension, and lurking madness: 1905.

The Long House

The Amphibian Heart

A divorced man falls in love with a woman who closely resembles his grown daughter.

A death in the family leaves a curious fragment of speech forever unexplained — but not unexplored.

The Favorite