Set 01 - Beginning


the first collection of mash-ups

by Alan Black

01. Orson IX

02. Healing and Feeling

03. Only Lions Sleep By Starlight

04. I Just Feel Like Celebrating

05. Adolescent Superstition

06. Bernadette (Single and Queer)

07. Rippin’ and Scratchin’

08. Smoke Your Master

09. Hidden Harrowdown  [edit]

10. Holding the Blood Moth

11. I’m Real, Jumbo

12. Zero Munduan

13. Annukka (On Earth, Underwater, In the Air)

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Set 01 - Beginning

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The first collection of mash-ups.

Thirteen tracks of many genres and styles.

Includes the epic twenty-four minute “Orson IX” ---

made with contributions from Andy Smart.

Mash-ups for killing, mourning, getting kinky, getting lively, and for soaring through the air.