Set 02 - Incubation


the second collection of mash-ups

by Alan Black

01. Baby Disastro

02. interlude - Three Love Birdies

03. Under Katy’s Influence

04. interlude - South

05. Tame Nina Tango

06. interlude - Rockstorm

07. Minimally Paranoid Temperament

08. I Wish the World Would Pass By

09. It’s My Harvest

10. interlude - Heavy Happening

11. Genesis Festival

12. If I Were Your Little Woman

13. I Can’t Own a Motown Trio

14. interlude - Six Shop

15. I Can’t Be There

16. I’ve Never Been to Santaolalla

17. The Good Bottom Rag

18. interlude - Hyperspace

19. Grow Massive

20. FanTômas, the Black Rider

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Set 02 - Incubation

(the zip package includes the full collection, cover art, and a sheet of track components.)

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The second collection of mash-ups.  Twenty tracks.

Includes fourteen mad tracks and six daft interludes.

Mash-ups for grooving, dancing, swaying, yearning, hallucinating, and pillaging.