The Desert Fathom


a concept album, a mash-up experience, an aural filmscape

by Alan Black

01. portentum

02. god of orchids

03. ghost crawlers

04. nine states of paranoia

05. the pillar of fire

06. abduction/station/revelation

07. dust and shadow

08. the ravine at twilight

09. a bloody wreck in bishop canyon

10. hell comes around

11. hacienda discord

12. duelling with pistols

13. blood chant

14. a second violent abduction

15. the oceanic sun

16. sphere (te deum)

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the desert fathom

(the zip package includes the full album,

  cover art, a cd front/insert, and a list

   of components used within each track.)

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A concept album, a mash-up experience, an aural filmscape.  Sixteen tracks' worth of a full tale told.

A story of souls going off into the desert and finding high weirdness: within and without, ancient and modern, scorching and silent.