The Sea - Alan Watts


The philosophies -- Zen Buddhist and other -- of Alan Watts,

   mixed with tracks from the albums of The Sea cycle

by Alan Black

PART I - one & 1/4 hour

01. Nothing to Sell

02. The Luminous Darkness

03. Fighting the Current

04. Melted Into Thin Air

05. Getting in Your Own Way

06. The Stone Buddha

07. Desiring Not to Desire

08. Unstuck and Unthinking

09. You Are the Continuing Process

10. Floodlight and Spotlight

11. As Wiggly As All Get Out

12. There Are No Artistic Mistakes in Nature

13. Nature Needs No Purpose

14. Purposelessness

15. The Point of Dancing is the Dance

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The Sea - Alan Watts

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PART II - one hour

01. Prickles and Goo

02. There is No Such Thing As Half a Wave

03. Complications Bring Paralysis

04. The Hindu Kalpa

05. Compassion and Wisdom, Not “Goodness”

06. Playing That You Aren’t God

07. When I Know That I Know That I Know

08. You Run Your Body, You Run the Universe

09. Everybody is I / Life is Pattern

10. And So We Die

11. The Ways and Means of Death

12. The Possibility of a Natural Satori

13. The Heebie-Jeebies and the Horrors

14. The Old Paper Cup

15. This Thing is a Cycle

I like Part I

but goddamn,

I love Part II.