Totemic II: The Opiates of Love


A lovingly obsessive Mash-up album

by Alan Black

01. The Leaving of the Hengilás Lotus Tree

02. The Nine Songs to the Siren

03. The Sand Shivers

04. The Serpentine Sandstorm Takes the Tracker

05. The Fiery Vision of Tombak Yaar

06. The Deeper Secrecy

07. The Stillness of My Love

08. The Loving Maid of Moungod is I

09. The Rain of Small Blessings

10. The Lazarus Poem

11. The Signs Are So Big, God’s Heart is So Small

12. The Square Place with the Chiropractor

13. The Hidden Pool

14. The Praise of the Oceanic Crown

15. The Hope That I’ll Be Beside You in Time

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Totemic II

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A lovingly obsessive mash-up album.

The spiritual sister to Totemic I, this album explores the mind’s ascents and descents whilst in the grip of love and desire.

In the tracks, ancient sounds blend with the modern.