Totemic I: The Love of Opiates


A drugged, experiential mash-up album

by Alan Black

01. The Sacred Passion is Fading

02. The Ulvi Wasn’t Made

03. The Cybele Shock Mantra

04. The Opiates Guru

05. The Offerings of Your Weapon

06. The Beautiful People Burn Fat with Yoga

07. The Radiant Threads on the Map

08. The Abiogenesis of the Buddha

09. The Zephyrus Konavoska Come Together

10. The Kala Rupa Within You

11. The Complaint of Drugs

12. The Solace of Deep Meds

13. The Silent Wall of Purest Psychosis

14. The Undoing of Stolen Children

15. The Precursor to the Sleeping Stigmata

16. The End of the Teahouse Vessel

17. The Four of Us Are Nude

18. The Coming Mutilation of the Radiata

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Totemic I

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A drugged, experiential mash-up album.

The spiritual brother to Totemic II, this album explores the mind’s ascents and descents whilst in the grip of opiates.

In the tracks, ancient sounds blend with the modern.