01.  Half Remembered Dream  (Half Remembered Giant)

Hans Zimmer:  “Half Remembered Dream”

Juno Reactor:  “Giant”

02.  We Built Our Own World  (Ions Built Our World)

Hans Zimmer:  “We Built Our Own World”

Bloc Party:  “Ion Square”

03.  Dream is Collapsing  (The Revolution is Collapsing)

Hans Zimmer:  “Dream is Collapsing”

Daft Punk:  “Revolution 909”

04.  Radical Notion  (Radical Signals)

Hans Zimmer:  “Radical Notion”

Brian Eno:  “Shadow”

Hildegard von Bingen:  “O pastor animarum”

This Mortal Coil:  “Thaïs (I)”

Brian Eno:  “Signals”

05.  Old Souls  (Ghost Souls)

Hans Zimmer:  “Old Souls”

Peter Gabriel:  “The Nest That Sailed the Sky”

Shriekback:  “Il Mystera del Tempo”

Nine Inch Nails:  “25 Ghosts III”

Harold Budd / Brian Eno:  “Steal Away”

This Mortal Coil:  “Andialu”

Shriekback:  “Coelocanth”

Harold Budd / Brian Eno:  “The Pearl”

Cocteau Twins:  “Beatrix”

Brian Eno:  “Triennale”

Nine Inch Nails:  “19 Ghosts III”

06.  528491  (194825)

Hans Zimmer:  “528491”

Ghost:  “We Insist”

Nine Inch Nails:  “6 Ghosts I”

Placebo:  “Evalia”

Marilyn Manson:  “Thaeter”

Sleigh Bells:  “Rachel”

07.  Mombassa  (Mombassa Doom Loops)

Hans Zimmer:  “Mombassa”

The Chemical Brothers:  “Burst Generator”

Noisia:  “Block Control VIP”

Sleigh Bells:  “A/B Machines”

Marilyn Manson:  “The Beautiful People”

The Chemical Brothers:  “Loops of Fury”

Timo Maas:  “Dooms Night (Azzido da Bass remix)”

Sleigh Bells:  “Tell ’Em”

08.  One Simple Idea  (One Mortal Girl)

Hans Zimmer:  “One Simple Idea”

Isan:  “Phoeb”

This Mortal Coil:  “Thaïs (II)”

Ibakusha:  “46.67_6.32”

Everything but the Girl:  “Temperamental”

09.  Dream Within a Dream  (Fire and Earth Within a Dream)

Hans Zimmer:  “Dream Within a Dream”

Nine Inch Nails:  “The Beginning of the End”

David Bowie:  “Law (Earthlings on Fire)”

Brian Eno:  “Tal Coat”

Nicholas Gunn:  “Earth Bones”

The Flaming Lips:  “It’s Dark . . . Is It Always This Dark??”

I.T.B.A.:  “Will”

Nine Inch Nails  “3 Ghosts I”

10.  Waiting for a Train  (Waiting in This Wasteland)

Hans Zimmer:  “Waiting for a Train”

Monolake:  “Credit”

Amiina:  “Saga”

Shriekback:  “Below”

Monolake:  “Wasteland”

Nine Inch Nails:  “The Warning”

Biosphere:  “Path Leading to the High Grass”

Nine Inch Nails:  “In This Twilight”

Muhr:  “Le Second”

Underworld:  “To Heal”

Nine Inch Nails:  “The Good Soldier”

Cocteau Twins:  “Otterley”

Peter Gabriel:  “Stealing the Children”

Nine Inch Nails:  “11 Ghosts II” and  “Another Version of the Truth”

Bright Eyes:  “Burn Rubber”

Edith Piaf:  “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”

11.  Paradox  (Polyphlox)

Hans Zimmer:  “Paradox”

Isan:  “Snowdrops and Phlox”

Radiohead:  “Nude”

Deathprod:  “Polytwin”

Brian Eno:  “The Secret Place”

In Dark Trees:  “Airplanes” and  “Deaf Mute Heart”

Brian Eno:  “Cavallino”

Bloc Party:  “Signs”

12.  Time  (Zero Time)

Hans Zimmer:  “Time”

This Mortal Coil:  “Song to the Siren”

Brian Eno:  “An Ending (Ascent)”

Sigur Rós:  “Leit ao lífí”

Nine Inch Nails:  “Another Version of the Truth”

Monolake:  “Mass Transit Railway”

Portishead:  “Hunter”

Dengue Fever:  “Tiger Phone Card”

Eluvium:  “Bending Dream”

Nine Inch Nails:  “The Greater Good” and  “2 Ghosts I”

Peter Gabriel:  “White Ashes”

This Mortal Coil:  “Dreams Made Flesh”

Sigur Rós:  “Veröld ny og óo”

Nine Inch Nails:  “Zero-Sum”

Pink Martini:  “Lullaby”

Disinformation:  “Absolute Zero”

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