Set 03 - Parturition


the third collection of mash-ups

by Alan Black

01. Munt


02. Pixieshowers

03. Fever Bleed


04. Hanging Crack Pony


05. Burn My Sloop


06. Mama Siva Don’t Get Down


07. The Harrowing Adventures of Ares


08. A & Me and a Rabbit Gun


09. Tomahawk Twat

10. Mercury Fire


11. Sour Ulysses


12. Cheap Muse


13. Undisclosed Shivers


14. Isan House


15. Endless Ion


16. Letitsalala


17. A Home at the River


18. The Silent Creep Cries for You


19. Stronger Than Hate

20. Nude Bliss


21. Destroy Me


Set 03 - Parturition

(the zip package includes the full collection;

  a second disc of outtakes, experiments, and

    alternate versions [Set 03B - Afterbirth];

      cover art; and a list of track components.)

For more information on the track components of Set 03 - Parturition and Set 03B - Afterbirth . . .

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The third collection of mash-ups.  Twenty-one tracks.

Also includes a second disc of twenty outtakes, experiments, and alternate versions (Set 03B - Afterbirth) created during the Set 03 sessions.