track components for

Set 03 - Parturition & Set 03B - Afterbirth

01. Munt

excerpts from Barton Fink (V)

Andy Blueman: “Nyctalopia” (Onova remix) (I)

02. Pixieshowers

M.I.A.: “Sunshowers” (I)

Pixies: “Mr. Grieves” (V)

03. Fever Bleed

The Kills: “U.R.A. Fever” (I)

Pixies: “I Bleed” (V)

04. Hanging Crack Pony

The Kills: “Alphabet Pony” (I)

Pixies: “Crackity Jones” (V)

Blondie: “Hanging on the Telephone” (V)

Daft Punk: “Revolution 909” (V)

Little Axe: “If I Had My Way” (V exc.)

Los de Abajo: “Resistencia” (V exc.)

666: “Devil” (I exc.)

Beastie Boys: ”Body Movin’” (V exc.)

05. Burn My Sloop

UNKLE: “Burn My Shadow” (Dan F. remix) (I)

The Beach Boys: “Sloop John B.” (V)

Daft Punk: “Technologic” (V exc.)

Obie Trice: “Got Some Teeth” (V exc.)

06. Mama Siva Don’t Get Down

The Kills: “Getting Down” (I)

The Streets: “Don’t Mug Yourself” (V)

Genesis: “Mama” (V)

The Smashing Pumpkins: “Siva” (V)

07. The Harrowing Adventures of Ares

Tokyo Police Club: “The Harrowing Adventures of . . .” (I)

Bloc Party: “Ares” (V)

08. A & Me and a Rabbit Gun

Goldfrapp: “A&E” (I)

Tori Amos: “Me and a Gun” (V)

UNKLE & Thom Yorke: “Rabbit” (V)

09. Tomahawk Twat

Tomahawk: “War Song” (I)

John Cooper Clarke: “Twat” (V)

10. Mercury Fire

Bloc Party: “Mercury” (I)

The Prodigy: “Firestarter” (V)

Peter Gabriel: “Shock the Monkey” (V)

11. Sour Ulysses

The Kills: “Sour Cherry” (I)

Franz Ferdinand: “Ulysses” (V)

12. Cheap Muse

The Kills: “Cheap and Cheerful” (I)

Muse: “Starlight” (V)

Prodigy: “Firestarter” (V exc.)

The Smashing Pumpkins: “Zero” (V exc.)

13. Undisclosed Shivers

Muse: “Undisclosed Desires” (I)

Coldplay: “Shiver” (V)

Queens of the Stone Age “No One Knows” (V)

14. Isan House

Isan: “Calf” (I)

Alanis Morissette: “Your House” (V)

15. Endless Ion

Muse: “Endlessly” (I)

Bloc Party: “Ion Square” (V)

16. Letitsalala

Prince: “Letitgo” (I)

Angelique Kidjo: “Salala” (V)

The Undisputed Truth: “Smiling Faces Sometimes” (V)

Lisa Stansfield: “People Hold On” (V)

17. A Home at the River

Groove Armada: “At the River” (I/V)

Pet Shop Boys: “Home and Dry” (V)

18. The Silent Creep Cries for You

Sting: “Why Should I Cry for You?” (I)

Radiohead: “Creep” (V)

Depeche Mode: “Enjoy the Silence” (V)

Daby Touré: “Setal” (V)

19. Stronger Than Hate

Tori Amos: “All the Girls Hate Her” (I)

Amy Winehouse: “Stronger Than Me” (V)

20. Nude Bliss

Radiohead: “Nude” (I)

Afro Celt Sound System: “My Secret Bliss” (V)

21. Destroy Me

Sia: “Breathe Me” (I)

Nine Inch Nails: “The Great Destroyer” (I/V)

Nine Inch Nails: “Zero-Sum” (V)

01. Chakacha!

The Chakachas: “Jungle Fever” (I)

spoken excerpts by The Monarch (“Venture Brothers”),

Alan Partridge, Barack Obama, David Chase,

Jesus Quintana (The Big Lebowski), Don Logan (Sexy Beast),

Phil Ken Sebben (“Harvey Birdman”), John Cooper Clarke,

Granny (“Squidbillies”), Monty Python, Doris Stokes

02. Sexy Melange

David Guetta: “Sexy Bitch” (I)

Jet: “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” (V exc.)

Bros: “When Will I Be Famous?” (V exc.)

Fatboy Slim: “Star 69” (V exc.)

OK Go: “Here It Goes Again” (V exc.)

Paul Johnson: “Get Get Down” (V exc.)

Ozzy Osbourne: “Crazy Train” (V exc.)

Slayer: “War Ensemble” (V exc.)

The Police: “Roxanne” (V exc.)

plus added instrumentation (deep pad, drift pad, guitars)

03. Sour Offender

The Kills: “Sour Cherry” (I)

The Hives: “Main Offender” (V)

04. Caught Heat

Massive Attack: “Heat Miser” (I)

Tori Amos: “Caught a Lite Sneeze” (V)

05. Questions and Messages

Common: “The Questions” (I)

The Police: “Message in a Bottle” (V)

06. Look Back at Apocalypse Mountain

Muse: “Apocalypse Please” (I)

Jane’s Addiction: “Mountain Song” (V)

Oasis: “Don’t Look Back in Anger” (V)

07. That’s Not My Girl

The Ting Tings: “That’s Not My Name” (I/V)

Jet: “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” (V)

Beastie Boys: “Sabotage” (V exc.)

08. Free Shots

The Flaming Lips: “Free Radicals” (I)

Billy Joel: “Big Shot” (V)

Carl Douglas: “Kung Fu Fighting” (V exc.)

The Clash: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” (V exc.)

Genesis: “Mama” (V exc.)

The Pixies: “Hey” (V exc.)

The Pixies: “Tame” (V exc.)

09. Epic Funk Fever

The Kills: “U.R.A. Fever” (I)

Pixies: “I Bleed” (V)

Faith No More: “Epic” (V exc.)

Armand Van Helden: “The Funk Phenomena” (V exc.)

Billy Joel: “Big Shot” (V exc.)

M.I.A.: “Bucky Done Gun” (V exc.)

10. Slow Current

In Dark Trees: “The Current” (I)

Kylie Minogue: “Slow” (V)

Trent Reznor: “Videodrones; Questions” (I)

11. No Exit, Nothing at All

Depeche Mode: “Nothing” (Project remix) (I)

Peter Gabriel: “Exit Through You” (V)

Björk: “I’ve Seen It All” (V)

Alicia Keys: “No One” (V exc.)

Joi: “What You Are” (V exc.)

Qawwali/Temple of Sound: “People’s Colony No. 1” (I exc.)

INXS: “Taste It” (V exc.)

12. Radiating Praise

Nine Inch Nails: “Corona Radiata” (I)

Fatboy Slim: “Praise You” (V)

Nine Inch Nails: “The Good Soldier” (I/V)

Nine Inch Nails: “In This Twilight” (V)

Imogen Heap: “Hallelujah” (V exc.)

13. Butterflies and Wainwrights

Rufus Wainwright: “Nobody’s Off the Hook” (I)

Muse: “Butterflies and Hurricanes” (V)

14. Hotel Psychosis

Marilyn Manson: “Heart-Shaped Glasses” (I)

The Eagles: “Hotel California” (V)

Muse: “Hysteria” (V exc.)

Pixies: “There Goes My Gun” (V exc.)

plus added instrumentation (strings, loops)

15. More Than Endless

Muse: “Endlessly” (I)

Boston: “More Than a Feeling” (V)

16. Ain’t No Shot at Fame

Pat Benatar: “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” (I)

Bros: “When Will I Be Famous” (V)

Chaka Khan: “Ain’t Nobody” (V)

M.I.A.: “Bucky Done Gun” (V)

17. Sour Day

The Kills: “Sour Cherry” (I)

The Beatles: “A Day in the Life” (V)

18. Guiding Women

Muse: “Guiding Light” (I)

Everything but the Girl: “Temperamental” (V)

Morcheeba: “World Looking In” (V)

Portishead: “Cowboys” (V exc.)

19. Slow Blackout

Muse: “Blackout” (HAARP Orchestral version) (I)

Kylie Minogue: “Slow” (V)

20. The Greater Secrecy

Muse: “Ruled By Secrecy” (I)

Nine Inch Nails: “The Greater Good” (I/V)

Nine Inch Nails: “The Warning” (I/V)

Set 03B - Afterbirth is comprised of outtakes, experiments, and alternate versions of songs created during the Set 03 sessions.