01.  Atrocities of the Will

AatJ:  “Atrocities”   (v/i)

I.T.B.A.:  “Will”   (i)

David Lynch (Inland Empire OST):  “Call From the Past”   (i exc.)

Hector Zazou (Sahara Blue):  “Hapolot Kenym”   (v/i)

Peter Gabriel (Passion):  “With This Love (choir)”  (i)

Peter Gabriel (Long Walk Home OST):  “On the Map”   (i)

Muhr:  “Le Second”   (i exc.)

02.  The Dead Meniscus Breathes

AatJ:  “I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy”   (v/i)

Sia:  “Breathe Me”   (i)

This Mortal Coil:  “Meniscus”   (i)

Tom Waits:  “Green Grass”   (i exc.)

DJ Shadow:  “Triplicate”   (i exc.)

03.  Two Eyes Underneath the Ground

AatJ:  “Her Eyes are Underneath the Ground”   (v/i)

Moya Brennan:  “Two Horizons”   (i)

This Mortal Coil:  “Barramundi”   (i)

04.  Arrhythmia (Punch-Drunk Aeon)

AatJ:  “Aeon”   (v/i)

Jon Brion (Punch-Drunk Love OST):  “Hands & Feet”   (i)

Jon Brion (Punch-Drunk Love OST):  “Punchy Tack Piano” (i exc.)

05.  Beautiful Black Stars

AatJ:  “Soft Black Stars”   (v/i)

This Mortal Coil:  “Come Here My Love”   (v/i)

Rufus Wainwright:  “Beautiful Child”   (i)

UNKLE:  “Rabbit in Your Headlights”   (i exc.)

Boccherini: “La Musica Notturna Delle Strade Di Madrid” (i exc.)

06.  Dove and Blackbird

AatJ:  “One Dove”   (v/i)

Mike Oldfield:  “Blackbird”   (i)

Eluvium:  “Area 41”   (i)

07.  If Only Epilepsy

AatJ:  “Epilepsy is Dancing”   (v/i)

This Mortal Coil:  “Song to the Siren”   (v)

John Foxx:  “If Only . . .”   (i)

Brian Eno:  “The Secret Place”   (i)

track components for

The Atrocities

08.  Open Birds

AatJ:  “Bird Gerhl”   (v/i)

Peter Gabriel (Passion):  “Open”   (i)

Hector Zazou (Sahara Blue):  “Black Stream”   (i exc.)

Mark Mothersbaugh (The Royal Tenenbaums OST):
               “Rachel Evans Tenenbaum (1965-2000)”   (i exc.)

09.  Lake Lazarus

AatJ:  “The Lake”   (v/i)

Baaba Maal (Passion Sources):  “Call to Prayer”  (v/i)

Peter Gabriel (Passion):  “Lazarus Raised”   (i)

Bloc Party:  “Ion Square”   (I)

10.  Dust and Shadow

AatJ:  “Dust and Water”   (v/i)

Kudsi Erguner:  “Ulvi”   (i)

Brian Eno:  “Shadow”   (i)

11.  Mysteries of Breath

AatJ:  “Mysteries of Love”   (v/i)

David Lynch/Chrysta Bell (Inland Empire OST): “Polish Poem” (v/i)

Peter Gabriel (Passion):  “Wall of Breath”   (i)

Peter Gabriel (Passion):  “Gethsemane”   (i)

Nine Inch Nails:  “Another Version of the Truth”   (I)

Julee Cruise:  “The Swan”   (i exc.)

12.  Hope Next Life

AatJ:  “Hope There’s Someone”   (v/i)

Isan:  “Meet Next Life”   (i)

13.  The Horror Has No Home

AatJ:  “The Horror is Gone”   (v/i)

Cocteau Twins/Harold Budd:  “The Ghost Has No Home”  (i)

Scott Taylor:  “Vespers”   (i)

14.  Another Eternity

AatJ:  “Another World”   (v/i)

John Foxx:  “Eternity Sunrise”   (i)

Brian Eno:  “Lantern Marsh”   (i)