disc one

01.  Earthbound

Biosphere:  “Camp 1: Himalayan Nightflight”

Brian Eno:  “Lantern Marsh”

Peter Gabriel: “Running to the Rain”  The Rabbit-Proof Fence OST

Harold Budd / Brian Eno:  “Lost in the Humming Air”

Brian Eno:  “Riverside”

Brian Eno:  “The Lost Day”

Brian Eno / Harold Budd:  “First Light”

Sigur Rós:  “Dogun”

Polmo Polpo:  “Oarca”

plus sound effects: wind, thunder, rain, various insects, wolves, fire, waters, waves

02.  Civilized

Vangelis:  “Memories of Green”  Blade Runner OST

Porcelain in the Backpack: “Touching the Ground Crossing the Air”

Brian Eno:  “Tal Coat”

Shriekback:  “3 AM”

Digitalis:  “Arab”

Peter Gabriel: “Go Away Mr Evans”  The Rabbit-Proof Fence OST

Peter Gabriel: “Moodoo’s Secret”  The Rabbit-Proof Fence OST

Sigur Rós:  “Ba Ba”

Monolake:  “Mass Transit Railway”

John Foxx:  “Fog Structures”

plus sound effects: bell tower, swimming, wind chimes,
brass chimes, bells, buzzer

03.  Leaving

Vangelis:  “Main Title and Prologue”  Blade Runner OST

John Murphy:  “The Fifth Crew Member”  Sunshine OST

Sigur Rós:  “Ti Ki”

Vangelis:  “Blade Runner Blues”  Blade Runner OST

Vangelis:  “Main Titles”  Blade Runner OST

Monolake:  “Bicom”

Kwook!:  “Apolloguiltily (Black Spectres Mix)”

Vangelis: “Los Angeles November 2019”  Blade Runner OST

Vangelis: “The Prodigal Son Brings Death”  Blade Runner OST

Ellende:  “Ten years a Second”

Kazumichi Grime:  “Drift”

plus sound effects: jet, Dune prologue effect, launch

04.  Approach

Biosphere / Namlook:  “Gebirge”

Carbon Based Lifeforms:  “Refraction”

Biosphere:  “Rotation”

Monolake:  “Credit”

Flimmer:  “It Was Really Nothing”

OCP:  “Atmos Two”

Pandemia:  “Venus Urania 01”

film clip: 2010: Odyssey Two

Biosphere:  “Shade”

Biosphere:  “Laika”

Peter Gabriel: “The Rabbit-Proof Fence” The Rabbit-Proof Fence OST

Nine Inch Nails:  “Closer (Precursor)”

Idle Sunder:  “Digitarian Solstice”

Idle Sunder:  “Analyse”

Mathieu Ruhlmann:  “Hares Honey Blood”

film clip: 2010: Odyssey Two

M__:  “Ilion 03 (none)”

Polmo Polpo:  “Complete Breath”

Idle Sunder:  “Closing In”

Cisfinitum:  “Part 2”

Biosphere:  “Thermal Motion”

Biosphere:  “Field”

Cisfinitum:  “Part 3” / “Part 4” / “Part 5” / “Part 6”

Cisfinitum:  “District Delta”

Krzysztof Penderecki:  “De Natura Sonoris No. 1”

Cisfinitum:  “Landschaft I”

Vangelis:  “On the Trail of Nexus 6”  Blade Runner OST

Idle Sunder:  “Folded Space”

Konntinent:  “Nasse”

film clip: 2010: Odyssey Two

Pandemia:  “Venus Urania 02”

Idle Sunder:  “Orbital Drift”

John Foxx:  “Serene Velocity”

Carbon Based Lifeforms:  “Flytta Dig”

05.  Outside

Brian Eno:  “A CLearing”

Brian Eno / Harold Budd:  “Above Chiangmai”

Harold Budd:  “The White Arcades”

John Foxx:  “Avenham Collonade”

Biosphere:  “Yard”

Idle Sunder:  “Cryoscope”

Con_cetta:  “Intentionality Imbrication”

audio clip: Russians

Carbon Based Lifeforms:  “Transmission / Intermission”

Lomov:  “Dachfenster”

Idle Sunder:  “Signal Interference”

film clip: 2010: Odyssey Two

Sascha Neudeck:  “Disarray”

Carbon Based Lifeforms:  “Comsat”

Lezrod:  “Masato”

John Foxx:  “Radial Harmonics”

Harold Budd:  “The Room”

Juno Reactor:  “Luciana”

John Murphy: “From Inside / Minus 273 Degrees Celsius” Sunshine OST

David Lynch:  “I. Station”

Biosphere:  “Biosphere”

Muhr:  “Prefaces”

Muhr:  “I Dream of Unfolding the Knots”

John Murphy:  “Repairs”  Sunshine OST

Biosphere:  “Antennaria”

audio clip: Russians

S.E.T.I.:  “Journey”

Brian Eno / Harold Budd:  “The Plateaux of Mirror”

John Murphy:  “Searl See the Sun”  Sunshine OST

John Foxx:  “Shifting Perspective”

Transcendent Device:  “Degree Absolute (part one)”

film clip: 2010: Odyssey Two

track components for

The Ortica

disc two

06.  Findings

SleepResearch_Facility:  “A-Deck”

Biosphere: “Microgravity”

Biosphere/Deathprod: “Journey to the Centre of the First 1.1”

Peter Gabriel: “Unlocking the Door” The Rabbit-Proof Fence OST

Phoenelai:  “THX.2”

film clip: 2010: Odyssey Two

Biosphere:  “Miniature Rock Dwellers”

Con_cetta:  “Hexagram”

Con_cetta:  “Hornplant”

Biosphere:  “Grandiflora”

Biosphere / Deathprod:  “Katedra Botaniki”

Gustav Holst / Montreal S.O.:  “Neptune, the Mystic”

Pandemia:  “Venus Urania 03”

John Murphy:  “Mercury”  Sunshine OST

David Lynch:  “II. Porticos”

Stephen Walter:  “Section 1”

Nine Inch Nails:  “6 Ghosts I”

Takeshi Nakamura:  “Presentiment”

Sigur Rós:  “Di Do”

Lezrod:  “Hojas”

Lezrod:  “Azules”

Sascha Neudeck:  “Stringent #3”

Sgnl_fltr:  “Quanta 1 (remake)”

Muhr:  “The Local Existence and Uniqueness Theorem”

film clip: 2010: Odyssey Two

07.  Following

SleepResearch_Facility:  “B-Deck”

Brian Eno:  “Signals”

Biosphere:  “Probe”

Takeshi Nakamura:  “Array”

Peter Gabriel:  “The Tracker”  The Rabbit-Proof Fence OST

Juno Reactor:  “Luciana”

Sigur Rós:  “Leit ao lifi”

Biosphere:  “Fluvialmorphologie”

Biosphere:  “Micro Sound - Music for Insects”

Biosphere:  “Moistened and Dried”

Idle Sunder:  “Data Stream”

Sigur Rós:  “Veröld ny og óo”

Idle Sunder:  “Bending Space”

Idle Sunder:  “Marooned”

Muhr:  “Le Dernier”

Idle Sunder:  “Paradigm Shift”

Krzysztof Penderecki: “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima”

Lezrod:  “XX”

The Dust Brothers:  “Chemical Burn”  Fight Club OST

Lezrod:  “Arqsoni”

Kazumichi Grime:  “100f”

M__:  “Ilion 04 (war)”

Krzysztof Penderecki:  “The Dream of Jacob”

Pandemia:  “Venus Urania 04”

Carbon Based Lifeforms:  “Artificial Island”

John Foxx:  “Floating Islands”

John Murphy:  “What Do You See?”  Sunshine OST

Carbon Based Lifeforms:  “Epicentre (First Movement)”

Brian Eno:  “Alhondiga”

Eluvium:  “Area 41”

This Mortal Coil:  “Andialu”

David Lynch:  “III. Grey”

Biosphere:  “Spindrift”

Biosphere:  “Mir”

08.  Plateau

SleepResearch_Facility:  “C-Deck”

Robert Rich:  “Hayagriva”

Phoenelai:  “Structure One and Visiting Two (2 part)”

Eluvium:  “Untitled 2 (For Orchestra)”

Muhr:  “The Borromean Fields”

Peter Gabriel: “Crossing the Salt Pan” The Rabbit-Proof Fence OST

Biosphere:  “Two Ocean Plateau”

Carbon Based Lifeforms:  “World of Sleepers”

Idle Sunder:  “Observatory II”

Lezrod:  “North Coast”

Brian Eno:  “Cavallino”

Darren McClure:  “Hillside”

John Foxx:  “City As Memory”

Gyorgy Ligeti: “Requiem for Soprano...” 2001: A Space Odyssey OST

Idle Sunder:  “Mind of a Supercluster”

Eluvium:  “Under the Water It Glowed”

Mathieu Ruhlmann:  “Waterglass Anthers”

Eluvium:  “Everything to Come”

Idle Sunder:  “Folding Light”

Stephen Walter:  “Section 2”

Monolake:  “Nucleus”

Transcendent Device:  “Golden Wound”

Biosphere:  “Levende Fangst”

Biosphere / Deathprod:  “Twin Decks”

Biosphere / Deathprod:  “Warp / Warble”

Sascha Neudeck:  “Seitendick #3”

Brian Eno:  “Francisco”

Idle Sunder:  “Bildlicht”

Sascha Neudeck:  “160 mg”

Lezrod:  “Digi4”

Lezrod:  “Mu”

Sigur Rós:  “Sigur Rós”

Polmo Polpo:  “High Breathing”

Juno Reactor:  “Luciana”

Pandemia:  “Venus Urania 05”

Nightech:  “As Low As Possible”

John Foxx:  “Invisible Architecture”

Muhr:  “Le Gouffre en Nous”

Biosphere:  “Inverse”

Brian Eno:  “Matta”

David Lynch:  “IV. History”

Brian Eno:  “The Secret Place”

Transcendent Device:  “Degree Absolute (part two)”

09.  Sphere

SleepResearch_Facility:  “D-Deck”

Monolake:  “Wasteland”

Biosphere:  “Vibratoire”

Transcendent Device:  “Infinite Procession”

Biosphere/Deathprod: “Journey to the Centre of the First 1.2”

Letna:  “Deliblatska Pescara”

J. S. Bach / Hilliard Ensemble: “Christ lag in Todesbanden #1”

Arvo Pärt:  “V. Como cierva sedienta”

Ensemble Sreteniye:  “Cherubic Hymn (Georgian chant)”

Arvo Pärt:  “IV. Como cierva sedienta”

Ensemble Sreteniye:  “Psalm 104 (Valaam chant)”

Letna:  “Fruska Gora”

Biosphere:  “Microtunneling”

Esther Venrooy:  “Micro Insubordination”

Juno Reactor:  “Luciana”

John Murphy:  “A Star Within a Star”  Sunshine OST

Idle Sunder:  “Deep Scope Detection”

Sascha Neudeck:  “Knochen Kraut”

Polmo Polpo:  “Mid Breathing”

Phoenelai:  “Structure Two”

Stephen Walter:  “Red Shift”

Idle Sunder:  “Aether II”

John Foxx:  “Infinite in All Directions”

John Murphy:  “The Last Message”  Sunshine OST

Brian Eno:  “2/2”

Mathieu Ruhlmann:  “Brumal”

John Murphy:  “The Icarus I”  Sunshine OST

Phoenelai:  “Visiting Three”

Ellende:  “Sleepsoup”

Biosphere:  “Sphere of No-form”

Vangelis:  “Tears in Rain”  Blade Runner OST

Brian Eno:  “under Stars II”

Robert Rich: “Sunyata (Emptiness)”

David Lynch:  “VI. Black”

10.  Within

SleepResearch_Facility:  “E-Deck”

David Lynch:  “VIII. Distortion”

Phoenelai:  “Tearing Down the Structures”

Polmo Polpo:  “Low Breathing”

Gyorgy Ligeti:  “Lux Aeterna”  2001: A Space Odyssey OST

Brian Eno:  “Drift”

Mathieu Ruhlmann:  “The Body of the Stones”

Mathieu Ruhlmann:  “Aymasa”

audio clip: the sun’s heartbeat

I.T.B.A.:  “Will”

Robert Rich:  “Wheel of Earth”

Shriekback:  “Below”

Biosphere:  “Modifié”